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In Bonkers Presser, Narcissistic Trump Says He Is A ‘Wartime President’ Because Of Coronavirus Crisis

In Bonkers Presser, Narcissistic Trump Says He Is A ‘Wartime President’ Because Of Coronavirus Crisis

America has been at war for nigh on two decades now — you know, with actual wars.

So yes, that technically makes President Donald Trump a “wartime president.” But that is not what he meant when he referred to himself as such on Wednesday.

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During a wild news conference on the coronavirus pandemic, Trump labeled the disease the “invisible enemy” and said that he is a “wartime president” battling it.

Surrounded by the bumbling, incompetent crew that is supposed to be tasked with trying to contain the spread of COVID-19, Trump rambled in his dictator-like fashion:

“I look at it – I view it as, a, in a sense as a wartime president. It’s a very tough situation, you have to do things, you have to close parts of an economy that six weeks ago were the best they’ve ever been. We had the best economy we’ve ever had.”

Of course, the bit about the economy is nothing short of an absolute lie, just like most of what comes out of the orange one’s pie hole. He rode high on President Barack Obama’s economy, and the markets have crashed so much since the coronavirus crisis started that all the gains made during the Trump era have literally vanished.

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Trump continued in his typical self-aggrandizing fashion, lying his ass off about how well he is doing when it comes to getting the pandemic under control:

“Then one day you have to close it down in order to defeat this enemy. But we’re doing it and we’re doing it well.”

After rolling around in his own self-congratulations, Trump threw in a bit of his fake nationalism, saying, “The American people have been incredible, for the most part they’ve been really incredible.”

The whole thing was a bizarre farce. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the rest of their dangerous joke of an Administration have absolutely no clue what they are doing here, and lives here and around the world are the cost of their incompetence.

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