In Bill Barr's New Book, He Blames Rudy Giuliani For Trump Impeachment

Donald Trump has long been friends with Rudy Giuliani. And despite the former New York City Mayor's fall from grace, the former President decided to allow him to represent him in some legal cases. 

The people in Trump's cabinet were certainly concerned about Giuliani's presence in the White House. According to sources, he was often drunk when he was around the former President. 

Bill Barr became Trump's Attorney General in 2019 and he worked to keep Trump from acting on his worst impulses. And in a new book, the former AG will blame Giuliani for Trump's first impeachment. 

In an excerpt shared by Newsweek, Barr writes, "President Trump's impeachment was a self-inflicted wound. Much of the blame for getting the president impeached, in my view, must be laid at the feet of Rudy Giuliani."

The two-time AG wrote of Giuliani's actions in Ukraine, "The whole scheme was bound to backfire. And Giuliani's public grandstanding, and the unsavory figures he got involved with, ended up seriously undermining his credibility — not to mention tainting the president."

Barr closes, "Rudy Giuliani saved New York City after 9/11 and should go down as probably the most consequential mayor of a big city in American history. But he will also go down as the man who helped President Trump get himself impeached — not once but, as it turned out, twice."