In A Week Where Thousands Are Projected To Die, Trump Whines That Media Have Caught Him In His Lies

Let it be first said that the president has every right to complain or defend himself, his record, or make comments about how he’s being treated in the media.

The White House/Flickr

With that said, doing so during a week some have said will be as devastating to the national psyche as Pearl Harbor or 9/11 is not a look that appears to inspire confidence, and that’s taking a mild look at it.

Thousands of Americans are projected to die this week from coronavirus, a harrowing prediction that even the president himself understood to be of grave misery. Yet on Monday morning, Trump believed it was imperative for him to attack the media for how it asked questions of him, or reported on his statements, many of which have been contradictory or false.

Responding to a tweet from a conservative opinion writer — who herself penned an op-ed linked within her tweet that called the media “absurdly biased, anti-Trump, [and] pro-China” — Trump responded by thanking the author and making attacks against the press.

“I only wish the public could fully understand how corrupt & dishonest so much of our Lamestream Media is,” Trump wrote in response.

“My Press Conferences are vital,” Trump added. “They are reaching millions of people that are not being told the truth, & haven’t been for years.”

Trump is right on one front: his press conferences are reaching millions of people who are looking for leadership during so desperate a time. But he’s not been telling the truth at those briefings, which occur now at a near-daily rate.

Trump has lied, for example, about the warnings of others when it came to pandemics. “Nobody would have ever thought a thing like this could have happened,” he has said in the past — when, in fact, the previous administration handed over a 69-page “Pandemics for Dummies” report describing the urgent threat during the transition period.

It should also be noted that the administration did nothing for months when the current threat was known about elsewhere.

He has pushed for re-opening America’s economy, against health experts’ opinions, saying that the American people support doing so, when poll-after-poll says just the opposite, that an adherence to social distancing protocols is more desired.

And, he has pushed an unproven and untested drug for the use of combatting coronavirus, doing so without advertising the potential side effects (some of them deadly) of the medication and perhaps overselling its usefulness.

The president certainly has the right to say the media’s depiction of him is wrong. But it’s the media’s job to ask any administration in power tough questions, particularly during a crisis, to give the American people assurances that all is well.

Unfortunately, this president’s blatantly false and misleading statements, coupled by his insistence that any doubts of his ability to lead is an affront to the nation itself, is hardly inspiring any confidence at the moment, at a time when the nation so desperately needs it.

The country needs a leader, someone to step up and deliver inspiration and hope. We’re unfortunate, however, to have someone like Trump in command, whose character and ineptitude do little good for us at this critical time.

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