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In A Sign Of How They View Coronavirus, Dems Consider Convention Changes While GOP Is All-In For Theirs

In A Sign Of How They View Coronavirus, Dems Consider Convention Changes While GOP Is All-In For Theirs

President Donald Trump spent much of February and early March deriding others for suggesting his response to coronavirus and its impending spread in the country was inadequate. In the weeks following that kind of behavior, after finally acknowledging the seriousness of the disease, he further defied reason by suggesting the country could be opened up by Easter.

The president recently recognized further that things are going to be closed until at least the end of April. But his approach to how to deal with the pandemic’s spread has been echoed by Republicans across the country, including by GOP governors who have been slower than their Democratic counterparts in taking social distancing measures to heart.

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As we approach the middle of spring and edge closer toward summer, at least some focus has to be given to this year’s presidential contests. And as it does, a lingering question has to be asked of both parties: should the nomination conventions, for both Democrats and Republicans, continue as planned?

Taking into account the way both parties have reacted to coronavirus so far, it shouldn’t be surprising how each is approaching the subject.

Republican National Committee counsel Justin Riemer, speaking to the New York Times about the convention, said the event is still scheduled to happen, with no apparent consideration at all for alternatives.

“The bottom line is the show must go on,” Riemer said.

There’s also word also that Trump doesn’t want to hear any word about possibly scheduling the convention to happen any other way.

Things are different across the political aisle, as Joe Biden, currently leading in the delegate count for the Democratic Party’s nomination race, conceded this week that things might have to be changed this year, as considerations for keeping people healthy and not spreading COVID-19 any further have to be taken.

Biden said it’s “hard to envision” how the convention, set to happen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this year, could happen. “The fact is it may have to be different” than how it’s normally put together, Biden explained.

For what it’s worth, Democrats in Wisconsin agree with Biden. According to the Marquette University Law School poll (which based out of Milwaukee, mere blocks away from where the convention would take place), only 17 percent of Democratic-leaning voters in the state say the convention should meet as planned, while 68 percent already say it should not be held as an in-person event.

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