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The Impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Has Just Been Shelved, For Now

The Impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Has Just Been Shelved, For Now

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will not be impeached by the Republican party, at least not right now.

The GOP’s Freedom Caucus filed articles of impeachment against Trump this week, claiming that Rosenstein wasn’t providing enough documents to Congress.

A move to pull the articles makes sense on the surface for the GOP. It was highly unlikely Rosenstein would have been impeached but the gesture was meant to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation which is under the supervision of Rosenstein.

At the time of filing the articles of impeachment, only 11 of the House’s 236 Republicans said they would sign it.

House Oversight Committee Chair Trey Gowdy couldn’t understand why Rosenstein would be impeached, stating, “Impeach him for what?”

With the House leaving for its month-long recess, this distraction will now be shelved for at least 30 days. With the mid-terms right around the corner, it’s unlikely the House will vote on a controversial measure that could distract from their goals of maintaining control of the House and Senate.

Despite pulling the articles of impeachment, Republicans may still hold a vote as to whether Rosenstein is in contempt of Congress for withholding documents.

What Was In The Articles Of Impeachment?

The impeachment articles stated that Rosenstein refused to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the surveillance of Carter Page. It was a thin argument considering that action was already being investigated by the department’s inspector general.

The impeachment docs also claimed that not enough documents regarding Clinton’s email and Trump-Russia probes had been handed over. In the case of several documents, the Freedom Caucus complained that too many redactions were issued for the files they received.

Other parts of the impeachment documents were 100% incorrect

Perhaps filing the articles of impeachment would have been a win for Democrats who would have been able to easily prove the false and misleading information continued within the documents.

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