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Impeachment Is Warranted Over Trump Profiteering From Government Use Of His Properties, HillReporter.com Readers Say

Impeachment Is Warranted Over Trump Profiteering From Government Use Of His Properties, HillReporter.com Readers Say

Over the weekend, HillReporter.com asked visitors of the site, in its first-ever reader poll, what consequences President Donald Trump should face over improper use of his private resorts.

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Our poll noted that, according to a recent Politico report, an Air National Guard squadron had gone to the president’s resort in Turnberry, Scotland, when other, less costly options had been available. Substantial reporting from Politico since that story broke has demonstrated that a number of additional visits to Trump’s facilities, by the military, have taken place.

The Air Force has since ordered a review of how venues for its personnel have been selected in recent years. One spokesman for the Air Force insisted that the “initial reviews indicate that aircrew transiting through Scotland adhered to all guidance and procedures.”

Readers from HillReporter.com weren’t swayed, however, believing that the actions indicated improper conduct — and an impeachable action by the president himself.

An overwhelming majority, 83 percent of readers, believe that Congress should begin impeachment proceedings on the president on the matter. Another 6.37 percent said that the president should, at the very least, be censured by the legislative branch.

Some readers didn’t feel as though such actions were warranted, however, but still wanted to see something done about Trump profiteering from U.S. government use of his properties. Almost 9.9 percent of readers said Trump’s businesses should be placed in a blind trust or that the president should be forced to sell them off, according to the poll.

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Less than 1 percent of readers didn’t think anything improper was happening.

The House Oversight Committee has reportedly begun an investigation into the matter.

The HillReporter.com reader poll is not a scientific poll — it does not reflect the general view of the country as a whole, but rather what individuals (who voluntarily came to the site) felt on a specific topic. It is therefore not an indicator of attitudes felt by the citizenry on a national level, and shouldn’t be viewed as such.

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