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Impeachment Is ‘Jewish Coup’ Pastor Says It’s Time To Nationalize Social Media

Impeachment Is ‘Jewish Coup’ Pastor Says It’s Time To Nationalize Social Media

“End Times” broadcaster Rick Wiles, whose TruNews website is accredited with press credentials from the Trump administration, recently opined that the impeachment hearings targeting President Donald Trump were part of a “Jew coup” meant to overthrow Christianity in the U.S.

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His comments on Twitter espousing such views resulted in his account being suspended for 12 hours, Right Wing Watch reported.

In response, Wiles suggested he was being censored, and that his First Amendment speech rights were being violated.

“What country are we living in? Where are we? Is this the Soviet Union? Is this communist Cuba? North Korea? Where are we? Your freedom of speech is being curtailed,” Wiles said on his broadcast Wednesday evening.

His solution? Ironically, Wiles wants to nationalize social media companies — a move that is socialistic in nature, and far from the capitalistic tenets he and others on the right typically push for.

“We need to nationalize the social media companies,” he explained.

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The First Amendment rights of speech outlined in the U.S. Constitution do not apply to private companies. While some rulings have deemed that no one can be restrained from signing up for user accounts on such sites, once online, if someone violates a certain site’s terms of service, they can rightfully be removed from them, other court rulings have found, per reporting from Quartz.

Wiles’s original comments were indeed inflammatory. Per previous reporting from HillReporter.com, Wiles said the following:

“This ‘impeach Trump’ effort is a Jew coup and the American people better wake up to it really fast because this thing is moving now toward a vote in the House and then a trial in the Senate. We could have a trial before Christmas…There will be a purge. That’s the next thing that happens when Jews take over a country, they kill millions of Christians.”

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