“I’m Not Going To Let You Do This” Watch CNN Anchor Shut Down GOP Sen. Who Claims Woodward Conducted “Gotcha” Interview

Usually, when there is a scandal involving Donald Trump, it usually comes from an unnamed source or whistleblower. And this normally gives GOP lawmakers the ability to attack to credibility of the story.

DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images

But Donald Trump’s admission of downplaying the COVID-19 pandemic was caught on tape. So when Senator John Kennedy tried to absolve Trump of any wrong doing, he was shut down by CNN’s Pamela Brown.

Kennedy repeatedly tried to refer to Woodward’s interviews with Trump as some sort of “gotcha” set-up. All of the interviews, however, were on the record and Trump knew they were being recorded.

Brown asked the Louisiana lawmaker, “Didn’t the public and didn’t the citizens in your home state of Louisiana deserve to know that as well, so that they could change their behavior appropriately to protect themselves?”

The senator responded, “Well, No. 1, Pamela, I’m not going to repeat what I just said. But all I can tell you is what my personal experience has been. No. 2, let me say a word about this infatuation in Washington with who said what to whom. I learned pretty quickly up here.”

The host cut Kennedy off, “No, senator. I’m sorry, I’m not going to let you do this.I understand there’s so much politics right now. We’re two months away from an election, but this is life and death. You have 5,000 people that have died in Louisiana from coronavirus. Republicans are reluctant, as you are now, to ever criticize this president, but as a human being, how can you be OK with this?”

Watch a clip of the contentious interview below, courtesy of CNN:

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