‘I’m Not Being Racist, But….’ Failed Republican Says of COVID-19 ‘Black People Bring It On Themselves’

DeAnna Lorraine was a political hopeful who lost her bid to replace Nancy Pelosi representing California’s 12th district in U.S. Congress earlier this year. Now, she’s restyled herself as a political and social commentator. Her YouTube videos are vocal rants against progressive policies, social justice movements, and Democratic politicians.

DeAnna Lorraine: “Well, maybe they’re holding really big house parties and barbecues and crawfish boils, and that’s maybe what’s spreading the coronavirus around faster.”

On Wednesday, she addressed COVID-19, Mayor Bill DeBlasio, and racial inequality in medical access. To put it another way, she spoke on the idea that black people of color are disproportionately affected by the coronavirus and be reopen policies, concluding, finally, that while she doesn’t believe that it’s true, she’s also sure that POC are causing their own problems.

Claiming that any harm done by racism is actually the fault of POC themselves isn’t exactly a new talking point from the right-wing, but Lorraine takes it to an incredible extreme, declaring that black Americans are actually causing their own illness — because they’re always having cookouts and crawfish bakes.

Starting at the 16-minute mark in the video above, she starts with the news that reopening business too soon would disproportionately affect black Americans. She then squeezes in a claim that COVID-19 hasn’t been as bad as expected, calling it a hoax, and finally asserts that “the left” is trying to turn people of color against Trump. (Note: as CNN reports, more than 75% of black voters expressed disapproval of Trump, with over half expressing a “very unfavorable” view. This isn’t new since the coronavirus hit.)

Are black people really that gullible? To believe….that reopening America and getting them back to work is racist?

DeAnna Lorraine doesn’t stop there though. Reading from Washington Post‘s article on the risks to POC, Lorraine disputes the assertion that the group Black Voters Matter is made up of mostly black female voters, stumbles over the given name “LaTosha,” and falsely represents the group as claiming that the virus is racist. (The organization, and article, actually cite larger black populations in the states that are taking the fewest measures to protect their citizens, and the percentage of POC living in poorer communities, among other reasons that a pandemic would affect one racial group differently than another.)

Moving into her central point that led Right Wing Watch to raise the alarm on her rant, just past the 23 minute mark Lorraine tells us what she believes is the true reason BPOC are affected at inequal rates:

“And you know what? And now again, this isn’t me being racist or anything, but I’m just reporting the facts. If there is truly a discrepancy, if there is truly—I’m not really buying it—but if it’s true that the coronavirus is disproportionately affecting black people, and they’re apparently getting the coronavirus at a higher rate than white people, then I do have to say this: Here’s what I’m seeing. I’m getting reports, OK, from some folks, saying that they’re seeing a lot of black folks in their community having parties and barbecues and crawfish boils and other kinds of things. I am hearing reports about that. So maybe they’re causing this. Maybe they’re bringing on the spread of the coronavirus themselves.”

Promoting her rant on Twitter with a screenshot of the Washington Post article, Lorraine compounded it with a conspiracy theory, asserting that followers should retweet her, because her post is being ‘suppressed.’

DeAnna punctuates the story with a divergence to complain about prisoners being released early, and a reminder that she’s “the farthest thing from racist,” as evidenced by having a diverse YouTube following. “You know, I’ve got people of every race that watch my show.” Some of MY best friends are black, too.

Before moving on to another segment, DeAnna Lorraine assures viewers that Democrats are the real racists, and promises to save California from Nancy Pelosi before trying to save other states.

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