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‘Illuminati Is Real’ and Walmart ‘Sells Fetal Parts’ Says QAnon Lawyer Lin Wood

‘Illuminati Is Real’ and Walmart ‘Sells Fetal Parts’ Says QAnon Lawyer Lin Wood

Notorious right-wing lawyer L. Lin Wood has now expanded his conspiracy theories beyond QAnon and Trump’s “Big Lie” of election fraud. Permanently suspended from Twitter, barred from practicing law in Michigan, and on the Georgia Bar Association’s radar for his outlandish behavior, Wood is reduced to spreading his ludicrous lies on self-made videos and at small gatherings attended by his fellow Trump supporters.

Wood and his co-counsel Sidney Powell were sanctioned in Michigan last Wednesday for their post-election lawsuit alleging widespread fraud in the state—and now face possible disbarment—but the Michigan case is just one of several places where the lawyers face professional consequences, including other disbarment efforts, for bringing their lawsuits. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has also asked a federal court to sanction Wood and Powell and force them to pay more than $100,000 in attorneys fees for their lawsuit in that state, though those motions are still pending and there is no hearing yet set.

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Now, in a new video, Wood packs a lot of conspiracies into a very short amount of time, bouncing from the Rockefellers and the “Illuminati” to the contents of the food sold at chain stores Target and Walmart. Dressed like someone going as Roger Stone for Halloween, Wood tells his audience “Do the research, connect the dots, Illuminati is real.” He also accuses Target and Walmart of selling “fetal tissue parts” in their food.



“Stop going to Walmart, stop going to Target,” Wood instructed. “Stop buying the food that they have been producing for years with fetal tissue parts to kill you!”

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Along with the current cases against Wood and Powell, the states of Georgia, Arizona, and Texas are all looking into following Michigan’s example. Texas’ Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel will consider the fate of Powell’s law license at an investigatory hearing on November 4th. Powell and co-counsel Rudy Giuliani are also being sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic for spreading false conspiracy theories involving the companies’ machines, and their attempt to stop the Dominion lawsuit failed earlier this month as a judge ruled against Powell, Giuliani, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s motions to have the lawsuits against them dismissed.

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