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Illinois Schoolboard Member Calls Black People “Animals”, Resigns

Illinois Schoolboard Member Calls Black People “Animals”, Resigns

A member of the Illinois school board has resigned after he angered many for calling black people “animals” in a Facebook rant. Keith Boehm resigned from the board on Thursday after being confronted by the local community who were angered by his comments. His post read, “Black lives might matter if they quit acting like animals. Watch the news. Most crime is perpetrated by black people. Don’t act like animals and you don’t be treated like animals.”

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Keith Boehm: Facebook

Boehm also made anti-gay comments in a post as well, saying,  “Are you gay? You wimpy whiney little b*tch. Grow a pair. President Trump is the savior of our country,” and, “So, as it turned out the dude that initiated this post is a homo. Figures.” Many who were following the thread were shocked that a person in Boehm’s position would post such things. He responded, “my position on the school board has nothing to do with you people’s problems.”

Boehm, who says he is a Marine veteran, resigned at Shelbyville High School after being blasted by local teachers, parents, and others. Boehm claims he left the school board so as to not be a “distraction” given all the work the board is undertaking. In response to the backlash, Boehm says he is not racist and his statements were a reaction to a video showing, “men and women physically assaulting innocent people.”

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Boehm stated, “Speaking the truth does not make for good ratings. Watch the evening news. It does not matter which channel. It is their reporting that shows most crime reported is by black people. Does that make them racist? No, just facts.”

Paul Butler, who is a former federal prosecutor who points out that although black people are arrested more than anyone else, black people are also policed a lot more than anyone else. Black people are more likely to be pulled over and more likely to be searched and arrested.

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