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Illinois Gov. J.B. Prtizker Rips DeSantis for Ignoring White Nationalist Terror Threat

Illinois Gov. J.B. Prtizker Rips DeSantis for Ignoring White Nationalist Terror Threat

Donald Trump is struggling to retain power of the Republican Party. It even seems like Fox News is turning on him. And if Trump is to lose control of the GOP, it is likely that Ron DeSantis would be next in line.

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Democrats don’t consider that to be a good thing. While Trump is a threat to democracy, DeSantis is seemingly just as bad. During a recent speech to Florida Democrats, J.B. Prtizker blasted the Florida Governor for refusing to do anything about the White Nationalist terror threat.

The Illinois Governor told the crowd at the Florida Democrat’s Annual Convention:

“This pattern is a clear domestic terrorism threat. He is happy to pick on LGBTQ kids and immigrants, but God forbid he calls out what the FBI refers to as our most pressing security threat: the rise of white extremism. Ditch cautious rhetoric and even more cautious electoral strategy, and start speaking honestly … about the dangers democracy is facing from the MAGA Republican party.”

Pritzker continued, “Here is where the Republican game plan is the most audacious: They want to distract you into believing that gay marriage, black history, Disney World and library books are more of a threat to our children than AR-15s. Don’t tell us that a 10-year-old is too young to learn about the history of slavery but not too young to run active-shooter drills when she learns how to play dead.”

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There are rumors that Prtizker may have presidential ambitions in 2024. This speech certainly did nothing to dispute that.


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