Illinois Defies Trump Administration, Takes COVID-19 Testing Into Its Own Hands

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is clearly tired of the Trump Administration’s deadly and incompetent response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov.Pritzker, like the governors of all states hit especially hard by the pandemic, has been holding daily press briefings that are a lot more impressive by those being held by Trump’s bumbling White House. In Sunday’s version, he had quite a few choice words for what is happening at the federal level when it comes to testing and other responses to the pandemic.


Pritzker said:

“The White House has promised millions of tests for weeks now, and they’re just not here. I’m not going to wait on promises from the federal government that may never be fulfilled. We need this testing capacity now. So, we’re building it ourselves in Illinois.”

Pritzker is right, of course. Trump is a con man who has surrounded himself with similar people. For the first time in his miserable life, he is battling an enemy that is unseen. He is in the throes of something he cannot con his way out of. The real tragedy here is that it is costing millions of people their lives.

Gov. Pritzker continued:

“It is fair to say that most of the models I’ve seen…show that we’ll be peaking sometime in April. We’re not yet close to that.”

Again, he is correct. We are not nearly to the point where things are as bad as they are going to get. Hopefully, more states follow Illinois’s example and stop waiting on Trump’s uncaring and incompetent government to do something. It just might save lives.

All of this comes as Illinois hits the grim milestone of 1,000 new coronavirus cases being reported. Pritzker recognizes how imperative increased testing is to stopping the spread of the disease. He intends to go from 4,000 tests per day to 10,000 tests per day in just the next 10 days.

The governor added:

“That marker is significant because it’s the number of tests per day that the scientists and experts tell us that we need to get a truly holistic understanding of the virus in each of our 102 counties…Ultimately my goal is to reach a large enough testing capacity where we’re able to test everyone who needs a test on a regular basis.”

Pritzker concluded by citing the “profound failing” of Trump’s government as a factor in creating the dire situation in his state.

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