“I’ll Take The Bait” Former Staffer Tells Trump Stories, On Russia, Hurricanes, More

Former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor is telling all about his efforts to give Trump briefs on national security. After his ad for Republican Voters Against Trump went viral, the president claimed he’d never met the man. Tweeting a photo of himself with Trump, Taylor said, “Alas, I’ll take the bait,” and promised to start spilling more inside stories.

staffer tells about Trump on Russia and hurricanse
[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

After Taylor’s initial video about Trump’s inability to concentrate on a security briefing, and his assurance that more former staffers would be coming forward with similar stories before the election, the president tweeted a response, claiming that he’d never heard of Taylor. Taylor didn’t let this pass.

Sharing a photo of himself with Trump, he declared that he’d be telling more stories of his own. He wasted no time beginning to do so.

For Republican Voters Against Trump Tuesday afternoon, he released another video, this one explaining how impossible it was to talk to Trump about Russia. “You couldn’t talk to the president about Russia without him thinking you were saying that his presidency was illegitimate. It’s possible to hold both of those ideas in your head at the same time. You could believe that the president legitimately won, but also believe that the Russians were out to attack Americans and divide our country. Both of those things could be true at the same time. The president didn’t think they could be true at the same time.”

He also appeared on CNN to tell another Trump story. In this story, Taylor says that he was trying to brief the president on the devastation that could be expected from an upcoming hurricane, and the precaustions he should advise Americans on the East COast to take for their own safety. Trump, he says, only wanted to discuss whether hurricanes always turned counterclockwise.

Taylor says he’ll keep sharing his stories about briefing Trump, with more coming today.

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