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Ilhan Omar Accuses Donald Trump of Murdering Her Father

Ilhan Omar Accuses Donald Trump of Murdering Her Father

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-IL) on Friday accused President Donald Trump of killing her father, who over the summer fell victim to COVID-19 and died.

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“As you know, I lost my father on June 16. I remember my dad was in Kenya. He came back into the United States when COVID hit because he thought he was going to be safer here,” a heartbroken Omar said on MSNBC. “And I know that my father and over 300,000 people have lost their lives to COVID because of dangerous criminal neglect by Trump and his administration.”

Omar expressed support for House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), who on Wednesday announced that he had uncovered evidence of “political interference” by officials within the Trump Administration who sought to manipulate Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data to align more closely with Trump’s coronavirus propaganda.

“I agree with Clyburn that it is not enough for us just to issue subpoenas. We have to investigate and prosecute these people who are responsible for these reckless deaths,” said Omar.

“My father should be here today,” Omar continued. “So many of our family members should be here today and they’re not here with us because we have leaders who didn’t care about their lives.”

The Congresswoman said that Trump has “not shown an ounce of compassion to the people who have passed away,” adding that the president “has still not acknowledged the devastating loss, so many of us are feeling.”

Omar added that her father “survived so many things, and for him to lose his life to COVID is devastating. Right before I came on, the reporter before you was reading a story, and the story is the story that my siblings and I share over and over and over again.”

Fighting back tears, Omar noted that “it does not make sense that this is a reality in this country. This could have been avoided. It can be avoided. There are people who are responsible, and we cannot forget about that when the next administration is sworn in and they are in charge of what happens next.”

A July email was written by former Department of Health and Human Services adviser Paul Alexander that was obtained last week by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis – which Clyburn chairs – contained a direct confession that the Trump Administration wanted as many Americans as possible to become infected so that the population could achieve “herd immunity,” which typically requires the use of vaccines.

“So the bottom line is if it is more infectiousness now, the issue is who cares? If it is causing more cases in the young, my word is who cares…as long as we make a sensible decision and protect the elderly and nursing homes, we must go on with life…who cares if we test more and get more positive tests,” wrote Alexander. “There is no other way, we need to establish herd, and it only comes about allowing the non-high-risk groups to expose themselves to the virus,” Alexander said. “Infants, kids, teens, young people, young adults, middle-aged with no conditions, etc. have zero to little risk… so we use them to develop herd… we want them infected.”

Public health experts have warned that a herd immunity-only approach would result in millions of additional and unnecessary American deaths.

According to the latest statistics compiled by the COVID Tracking Project at the time of this publication:

  • 322,581 Americans have died from COVID-19.
  • 254,680 new cases and 2,794 deaths were added on Friday alone.

The clip was posted to Twitter by Jeremy Slevin, Omar’s senior communications and strategy director.

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