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IG Investigation Of Steele Dossier Extended After Parts Of It Found Credible — Report

IG Investigation Of Steele Dossier Extended After Parts Of It Found Credible — Report

Republican lawmakers and allies of President Donald Trump have attempted for a long time now to discredit a document produced by a former spy, which details how Russia may have compromising information (or “kompromat”) on him.

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Demands for an investigation into the so-called “Steele dossier,” authored by former UK MI6 spy Christopher Steele, were previously made by Republicans, and resulted in a Department of Justice Inspector General investigation that began in March 2018. Many conservatives lambasted the report for being the catalyst of the FBI investigation into Trump, although fact-checking organizations have demonstrated that wasn’t the case at all.

Still, Trump allies alleged that a specific action taken by the FBI — the monitoring of Trump campaign aide Carter Page — was unduly made, since the FISA warrant was issued in part based on selections from the Steele dossier.

Trump himself has frequently touted the dossier as “fake” (on more than just one occasion), and has called it a “pile of garbage” that should be dismissed as unreliable. Yet new reporting indicates that may not be the case at all.

According to a report from Reuters, DOJ investigators met with Steele in Britain while the president was in the UK last month. Three attorneys from the IG office met in person with Steele to discuss aspects of his report.

As a result of that meeting, the investigation itself, headed by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, is going to be extended…but not for reasons that Republicans and Trump are probably hoping for.

At least one source disclosed to Reuters that the IG office determined that extending the investigation was necessary due to the fact that they found his findings to be credible.

It’s unclear which parts were found credible or if any weren’t, but the news isn’t likely to be an aspect of the Steele dossier-saga that will be welcomed by Trump.

The Steele dossier purports that the compromising information that Russia may have on the president include many of his financial dealings he attempted with the Kremlin. The more salacious parts of the document, not yet publicly verified, allege that Trump hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed where former Presiden Barack Obama once slept, according to a report from Mashable.

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