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If You Build It, They Will Come to DC: FBI Finds Lego Model of Capitol in Jan 6th Riot Leader’s Home

If You Build It, They Will Come to DC: FBI Finds Lego Model of Capitol in Jan 6th Riot Leader’s Home

If you’re going to plot an insurrection, maybe put away your toys before you leave the house, just in case you get arrested for committing a felony against the United States of America.

FBI investigators seized a “fully constructed US Capitol Lego set” from the home of Robert Morss, 27, along with a notebook containing instructions on how to create a “hometown militia,” court records published by The Smoking Gun revealed. Morss allegedly led rioters in “one of the most intense and prolonged clashes” against law enforcement officials trying to contain throngs of rioters, according to the outlet.


The reported Army Ranger-turned-substitute teacher was indicted last month for his alleged role in the uprising and charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers, civil disorder, robbery of US property, and obstruction, federal records show.

Morss was wearing tactical gear and a “MAGA” hat as he led other Trump supporters who were trying to breach the Capitol’s Lower West Terrace, at one point ripping a riot shield from a Metropolitan Police Department officer, prosecutors alleged in court documents cited in the article.

The Pennsylvania man “came prepared for violence and then repeatedly led the violent mob attacking,” prosecutors reportedly wrote. Morss’ militia to-do list included preparations like “Ambush” and “Battle Drills,” according to the report.

In re-creating the Capitol, Morss could get an aerial view of the building’s layout to help plot the path for the mob once bypassing security.

Morss, who remains in custody behind bars, also wrote down reminders to “Bring Assault Rifle” and “4 Magazines.”

Twitter was having plenty of fun with the news about the Legos being seized, which some members of the GOP are trying to turn into something it isn’t.

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More than 140 people were injured when the mob tried to stop Congress from formalizing President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory amid Trump’s false claims that the results had been corrupted, and over 500 people have been charged in the melee so far, and investigators are investigating hundreds of other suspects.

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