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“If They Want to Quit Over This, Let Them” John Oliver Blasts Cops Who Refuse Vaccines [VIDEO]

“If They Want to Quit Over This, Let Them” John Oliver Blasts Cops Who Refuse Vaccines [VIDEO]

Many states that have Republicans as governors are not issuing any kind of vaccine mandates. Blue states, however are different with most requiring state employees to get their shots.

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Police officers, of course, are state employees. In the state of Washington, Governor Jay Inslee issued a mandate for officers to get their shots. A small number of those cops have chosen to quit rather than get vaccinated. During his weekend how, John Oliver blasted those officers, saying that Washington is better off without them.

The HBO host first played a video of a Washington cop insulting Inslee as he signed off on his walkie-talkie. “Ohh, a walkie drop,” exclaimed Oliver. “You don’t see many of those! And that’s probably because it looks pathetic. Dropping a microphone is inherently exciting. You get the thud as it hits the floor, and the cheer of the crowd, but a walkie drop? That’s just a sad man sitting in a dark car, dropping a heavy object directly onto his penis.”

The HBO host continued by talking about how many officers have died since the pandemic began. Noting that 4 times as many officers have died from the illness than from gunfire, he added, “That is a terrible statistic. Look, there is also the key matter of the fact that the police are supposed to be keeping the public safe. That is the point of their jobs, yet some don’t seem to give much of a shit about that.”

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Oliver closed, “If an officer wants to quit over this, f*cking let them. Let the individuals who clearly don’t care about public safety stop being in charge of public safety. It really is that simple.”


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