If Obama Claimed Total Authority Like Trump Conservatives Heads Would Have Exploded Says Fox’s Baier

Earlier this week, Donald Trump claimed that, in the end, he had total authority over state governments. He was quickly corrected by the media, Democrats and even some Republican lawmakers like Liz Cheney.

Andre Chung for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Over at Fox News, though, many of the network’s hosts were scrambling to find arguments for the Presidents claims. At least on Fox host, however felt that those actions were hypocritical. Bret Baier said that if Barack Obama had claimed total authority like Trump has, Conservative heads would have exploded.

The host made the claim during an episode of The Daily Briefing. Baier told his audience, “If President Obama had said those words that you heard from President Trump ― that the authority is total with the presidency ― you know, conservatives’ heads would’ve exploded across the board.”

The Fox personality continued, “The bottom line is that the president can really influence these governors and work with them. As far as the top-down order, by the Constitution, you can’t do that. So it’s working with these governors to open it up in a rolling kind of open is what I imagine would happen.”

Baier wasn’t the only host who took issue with Trump’s comments. Brit Hume, who also works for Fox News took to Twitter, writing, “POTUS claims of absolute power in Covid 19 emergency are constitutional nonsense, another of his serial exaggerations. The reaction to them are another case of media’s insistent focus on the stuff he says, as if that is more important than what he actually does”

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