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If He Loses in 2020, Would Trump be the Likely 2024 GOP Nominee?

If He Loses in 2020, Would Trump be the Likely 2024 GOP Nominee?

While Donald Trump may act like he will be in the White House for multiple terms, he can’t legally run for office in 2024 if he wins in 2020. So Republicans have pondered potential candidates like Nikki Haley, Tim Scott or Donald Trump Jr. One prominent GOP fundraiser thinks that Tucker Carlson would make for a great candidate.

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But what happens in the event that Trump loses in 2020. Would he want to run again in 2024 if he loses in November. A number of prominent political journalists seem to think this would be the case.

The Atlantic’s Yasha Mounk began the conversation, tweeting, “A pretty plausible scenario that I haven’t heard discussed much: Donald Trump loses in November but runs again in 2024.” He continued, “Not at all clear he would win the Republican nomination if he did, by the way. But I think the chance of him trying is pretty high, especially if it looks like the best way of staying out of prison.”

Dave Weigel, from the Washington Post, agreed, replying, “I say this all the time! It’s by far the easiest pitch any 2024 GOPer could make: I would have won again, but covid and Democratic chicanery rigged the election.”

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And Chris Hayes also saw this as a plausible scenario. The MSNBC host wrote, “Been saying this forever! If Trump loses he’s the immediate, unequivocal front-runner for the GOP nom in 2024.”

Trump of course isn’t in the greatest of health. He will also be 78 years old by the time 2024 rolls around. Still, I don’t think many would be surprised if he was to take another shot in 2024.

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