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Idaho Secretary of State: We Will Be Charging Mike Lindell Back for His Phony Audit

Idaho Secretary of State: We Will Be Charging Mike Lindell Back for His Phony Audit

Now that the Arizona Cyber Ninja audit has flamed out in spectacular fashion, there aren’t too many people still fighting to overturn the 2020 election. Mike Lindell, however, is still out there acting as a true believer.

Photo of Mike Lindell by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Lindell and his supporters recently called for a recount in the state of Idaho. This was despite the fact that Trump carried the state by over 30 percentage points. Not only has the state called Lindell’s audit a sham, they will now be sending him a bill for their efforts.

Chad Houck, Chief Deputy Secretary of State, wrote in a statement yesterday:

“We have always said that if you have information regarding election fraud that we can look into, put it in our hands. Once this came out publicly, and especially given that it implied that all 44 county’s results had been altered, we felt it was important to address it publicly. This questioned the integrity of the Secretary’s office, and the integrity of the 44 elected county clerks across Idaho, and that is something we won’t take lying down.”

Houck also appeared on CNN’s New Day on Thursday to address the issue. Host John Berman asked, “You are chasing your tail because of the MyPillow guy. Should he pay for this at least?” Houck responded, “Well, actually we will be totaling up the expenses that were incurred in the process and we will be sending him a bill.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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