‘I Was Surprised’, SCOTUS Is ‘Supposed to Be in Our Favor,’ Says Trump

President Trump is saying that he was “surprised” by the Supreme Court ruling to protect LGBTQ employees from being fired for being a part of that community. Trump believes he was “supposed” to win. Trump made it clear that he saw the ruling as a loss. Trump believes the court should”favor” him.

Trump said to CBN’s David Brody, “I was surprised, I was surprised.” He added,  “Some people felt that it was a decision that they weren’t as surprised as I was. Yeah, I was surprised.” The court ruling means that LGBTQ are covered under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Trump went on to say, “Well, so far we’re not doing too well. Look: We’ve had a lot of losses, with a court that was supposed to be in our favor. This is just to show what it means.”

Trump continued, “We need – you know you’ll probably have a couple of more judges in the next four years. It could even be more than that, it could be three or four. If you have a radical left group of judges, religion, I think will be almost wiped out in America. If you look at it, pro-life will be absolutely wiped out. So – If you have that happening, pro-life is going to be out, it’s going to be gone.”

The SCOTUS ruling is a big victory for LGBTQ rights activist and shows that Trump does not own the highest court in the land. The 6-3 ruling also shows that conservatives on the court are not beholden to Trump.

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