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“I Thought He Was Immune” Watch the View Hosts Mock Trump Over His Plans to Take Vaccine

“I Thought He Was Immune” Watch the View Hosts Mock Trump Over His Plans to Take Vaccine

Donald Trump knows he’s on the way out. He still, however, wants the bad things that happened during his presidency to be ignored. And he also wants be praised for anything good that happened during his term.

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Over the last few weeks, the president has been taking credit for COVID vaccines recently developed by scientists. Over the weekend, Trump tweeted that he will be taking the vaccine. On Monday, the hosts of the View mocked Trump who has frequently said he was immune from the illness.


“I thought you were immune,” said Whoopi Goldberg. “You’re getting vaccinated? I don’t understand. That’s why I just — I have to throw it to you.”

Sunny Hostin then weighed in, “This is our administration, and we do want the administration running our government, running our country to be safe and healthy, and so I do think that it would go a long way for the president to televise taking the vaccine because we know that they have downplayed the virus. They’ve continuously downplayed the need for social distancing and masks. They have had these superspreader rallies.”


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Ana Navarro got the last word, saying, “They get access to cocktails — experimental cocktails that the rest of Americans don’t, and they have been putting other Americans at risk with their reckless behavior for months and months and months. So, no. I don’t think they should be among the first to get it because they’re not going to be there for much longer because they haven’t been productive.”



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