I Think it Could be Devastating: Watch Ted Cruz Make Desperate Election Plea to Fox Viewers

The last few months have been marked by incredible electoral year failures by Donald Trump. But Trump, who is now down by an average of 9 points, is not running for office alone. He sits a top a ticket of incumbent Republicans hoping to hold onto their positions.

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[Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images]
And you can tell that these GOP lawmakers are feeling the pressure. Last week, Lindsey Graham complained to Fox News about falling fair behind his opponent Jaime Harrison in fundraising. And on Tuesday night, Ted Cruz whined about what big trouble the party is in all over the country.

Cruz began by moaning about the media on Sean Hannity’s Fox Show, “The press is fully all in on support of Biden. I’m worried about the election, I think it’s really volatile. I think it can go either way. I think we could have a fantastic election. The president could win by a big margin and we could win both houses of congress.”

The Texas senator continued, “But I also think that it could be devastating. And I think we either win the presidency and win the senate or we lose the presidency and lose the senate. I very much hope it’s the former and not the latter. And it depends on turnout, it depends on who shows up.”

It seems as if Cruz was not just speaking to voters, but also to the president. As of right now, voters from both parties seem to be extremely engaged on the election. And while Cruz will be safe this year, even his home state of Texas is in danger of flipping blue.


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