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“I Hope Someday They Get Over 2016” Chelsea Clinton Tweet Sums Up Trump Cult’s Obsession

“I Hope Someday They Get Over 2016” Chelsea Clinton Tweet Sums Up Trump Cult’s Obsession

Though Donald Trump won the electoral college, and thus the presidency, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. In a series of behaviors that have earned him the label of “sore winner,” Trump still doesn’t seem to have gotten over this. In a single tweet about his most ardent core group of followers, Chelsea Clinton summed up this mentality, and the reality of its endurance.

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Clinton, who spent her teenage years in the White House while her father was president, tweeted this weekend to share that Trump supporters are still trying to relitigate the 2016 election, still expecting that the president — now a lame duck on his way out, after losing re-election to Joe Biden — will take action on his empty promises to “lock her up” for unspecified alleged crimes.

Trump even admitted in 2016 that “lock her up” was just something that “played great” for political purposes, and not something he ever intended to follow through with. “Now we don’t care.” This can be seen in the CNN clip from December 2016 below.

However, it hasn’t stopped Trump from trying to relitigate his own win for the past four years. Even throughout his 2020 campaign, he’s still been focusing on Clinton, and on Barack Obama, despite Joe Biden being his opponent. Even in October, with election day only weeks away, he was still tweeting obsessively about Obama and Clinton, often treating the two and Biden like a single interchangeable entity.


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In the last run of his 2016 campaign, a sudden focus on the overblown ‘scandal’ of Clinton’s emails seemed to serve as a winning move for Trump, and it resurged from him in 2020 — even though he was no longer running against Clinton.

Still, it seems to have resonated with a portion of his base, and it’s not clear if they’ll ever, as Chelsea Clinton suggests, move past the 2016 election.

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