“I Don’t Give A F***” Jim Gaffigan Driven To Curse-Laden Rant Over Trump National Convention

Jim Gaffigan is a comedian who usually doesn’t delve into politics. However, the events of the Republican National Convention drove him not only into speaking up, but into a blue streak that surprised audiences who know Gaffigan’s work as family-friendly.

Trump’s RNC has been extreme by any measure. A White House ethics expert described it as “thousands of Hatch Act violations,” COVID-19 cases are rising from it, and the incumbent president literally had his name spelled out in fireworks before it was all done.

It was clearly enough to get to Jim Gaffigan, who usually doesn’t get political or vulgar, riled up. He even lashed out with a “f*** you” at some Trump apologists who tried to argue with him.

He described supporting Trump at this point as being similar to sticking with a baseball team through losses because you liked them once. He called out the hypocrisy in Trump and supporters claiming to be against ‘cancel culture’ while working to shut down anyone (Goodyear for example) that dares to go against the president, and of “hating elites” but supporting the Trump family.

Gaffigan talked about being ‘profiled’ as a Trump supporter in GQ in 2018, saying that as a white Christian male, he feels people pin responsibility for Trump on him. That stereotype may have been blown when he went off at a number of Trump supporters, though.

He addressed a lot of aspects of Trump’s character and public persona, saying that Trump isn’t pro-life, Christian, Republican, competent, trustworthy, or honest, and that Obama and Biden also aren’t as Trump and his circle have depicted them.

He closed with a few final thoughts on “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” or “TDS” — something social media Trumpers like to allege against anyone who speaks against the president; cancel culture, and “the deep state.”

There is at least one investigation already underway into violations of law in Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention, and experts say there are addition violations. Despite the flashy showiness of the convention, with fireworks and a massive stage set on the White House lawn, ratings have been abysmal. COVID-19 cases are beginning to spread from the events.

For Jim Gaffigan, enough seems to have been enough.

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