“I Didn’t Say Everything Was Going to Change” Mike Lindell Again Moves the Goalposts on Trump Reinstatement

At this point, it seems like all rational people realize that Joe Biden is and will continue to be President. The only two people left fighting it are Donald Trump, himself and Mike Lindell.

[Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images]
The My Pillow Guy has consistently claimed that he has clear evidence that Trump won the election and will eventually be placed back in office. Lindell, however, keeps pushing the date back and changing his story. During a recent interview with Steve Bannon, the pillow magnate said that Trump may not be back in office in August but will still get there.

Lindell began, “”Everyone knows the big lie is the big lie. The truth was going to get revealed one way or another. I mean, God gave me a big platform and that platform is just being used to bring out the truth.”

My Pillow Guy continued, “I had some guy from Bloomberg call me and he’s trying to trick me. Listen, pal, you can’t trick me into anything because I just keep putting out what I have and the truth.”

Lindell closed his rant, “Here’s what I said about a week ago, we’re going to live stream to the world on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of August. But what I said was when you all see what I’ve seen, what I have, the morning of the 13th, you’re going to wake up and go, wow, what are we going to do. Everyone’s going to know it and that’s when we’re going to bring it to the Supreme Court. I didn’t say that everything’s going to change the morning of the 13th. But everybody’s going to know what I know.”

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