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Hundreds Of Red Hen Gift Cards Are Being Donated To Veterans By Strangers

Hundreds Of Red Hen Gift Cards Are Being Donated To Veterans By Strangers

The Red Hen restaurant has come under attack by Trump supporters after the restaurant forced White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave its premise. Now, a bit of social good is coming from the small business that was viciously and falsely attacked by President Donald Trump for its level of cleanliness.

Red Hen Restaurant

Amanda Blount (@amandablount2) decided to turn the negativity of the restaurant’s situation into a positive and all it took was a single tweet.

Amanda thought her tweet might get people talking about the events that unfolded but she never imagined her message would go viral and hundreds of people would actually take her up on the suggestion to purchase Red Hen gift cards and then mail them to deserving veterans.

“I wanted to support the courage of the Red Hen, while spreading a positive voice of hope through the loving gift of food, so I sent out a tweet, and it went viral,” Blount told HillReporter.

Blount admits that she only expected a few interactions but also says “the response gave me hope for the future. People want to support courage and give of themselves in ways I haven’t seen in decades.”

The idea was simple, that food can “bring people together” while “nourishing the soul and giving people hope for the future,” Blount adds.

While she isn’t sure how much money was raised for the restaurant, Blount revealed that hundreds of people started sharing screenshots of their gift card purchased.

Tweets like this are common throughout her message thread:

Blount is hopeful that the message will ultimately lead to people realizing they can bring about change “without violence.”

Amanda has remained humble about her impressive accomplishment, noting: “But this isn’t a story about me (anyone can send out a tweet). This is a story about all the people who used their hard earned money to support courage against lies and donated the gift of food to strangers. Good citizens are exhausted. Many are not old enough to remember the 50s-70s fights in the streets, and the ones who do, are tired of the constant degradation of our rights.”

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“They are looking for every way possible to fight fascism and are willing to give of themselves to do it. These are not rich people. These are everyday people, facing physical pain, working every day, and trying to raise their children the best way they know how. With their very little spare time, they are looking for ways to save America. They’re looking for light in the darkness,” she added.”

Now Blount is encouraging people to “get loud” to “march” and to “protest” to show support for a corroding government. With lies being spread by the Trump administration on a daily basis she adds, “But we can also fight against lies and fascism by spreading the message of hope, kindness, and love through the gift of food.

“That is precisely what my wonderful followers did. Kind donors continued the flame of hope.”

In the meantime, Amanda is also encouraging her new followers to choose another worthy cause for their donation if they see fit:

Amanda’s message is right on point. It’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to shout from the hilltops and expose injustices and corruption. Just be sure you make your voice heard without using violence and maybe sit down with some friends and perhaps even some adversaries at the Red Hen for a nice meal and friendly, open-minded conversation.

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