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Huckabee Sanders: AOC Should Go Back To Her “Bartender Work Ethic”

Huckabee Sanders: AOC Should Go Back To Her “Bartender Work Ethic”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has never failed to be an object of fascination for Fox News. Regardless of whatever topic is being discussed, the freshman New York Congresswoman is likely to be tied in.

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The fact that the lawmaker once worked as a bartender while beginning her career is often used to illustrate the points of Conservative talking heads. Former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders referenced this past employment today while discussing Ocasio-Cortez’s call for people to not return to poor paying jobs.

Teeing up a clip of an AOC interview, Fox host Ainsley Earhardt said, “While most people would want to work. They want to make a paycheck. AOC is urging a work boycott.”

The clip showed Ocasio-Cortez calling for people to not return to jobs where their safety is put in question for low wages.

Huckabee Sanders weighed in, “This is the same congresswoman who just last week was celebrating the devastation of the oil and gas industries and the hundreds and thousands of jobs that are tied to that because she hoped it would provide momentum for her Green New Deal.”

She continued, “Most Americans, unlike those in congress, have to show up in order to get paid. They don’t have the luxury of not doing their job and still being able to provide for her family like she does as a member of congress. There are people that are really hurting. The President is looking for ways to protect them. She might want to join in that effort.”

The former press secretary closed, “She may want to remember that when she was a bartender and not a member of congress, she had to show up, to do her job, to get a paycheck.”

Watch a clip of Sander’s rant below, courtesy of Fox News:

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