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Huckabee: Dogs Should Be Offended At Comparison To Omarosa

Huckabee: Dogs Should Be Offended At Comparison To Omarosa

Mike Huckabee says dogs should be offended to be compared to Omarosa

In a new blog post, Mike Huckabee says that Donald Trump wasn’t being racist or sexist when he called Omarosa Manigault Newman a dog. Further, he says, if anyone should be offended at the comparison, it’s the dogs. The former Arkansas Governor says that a dog would have been a better hire — and would not have turned against Trump after being fired.

Since Omarosa was fired from her position in the White House, she has written a book about her experiences there, as well as her past with Donald Trump on The Apprentice. In promoting her book, she has released a number of unflattering stories, and a few audio recordings of conversations with Trump — and says she has more. One allegation is that she has heard a recording of Trump using a racial slur, which Trump denied Monday, saying that he doesn’t use that word and that he was able to confirm he hadn’t been caught on tape using it.

On Tuesday, Trump followed that up by calling Omarosa a “crazed lowlife” and a dog.


Mike Huckabee took apparent umbrage at the response to this, blogging Friday to complain that “some in the media” have called this racist. In his post, Huckabee asserts that this is proven false because Trump has also called white men dogs.

Sure enough, when The Root compiled a list, it included a fair number of white men, including Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, and Daid Axelrod — all of which only proves that Trump likes to insult people who he sees as politically threatening.

However, Huckabee doesn’t stop at arguing that Trump can’t be proven racist by a single instance of calling a WOC a dog. He goes on to add his own characterizations of Omarosa, saying that the dogs should be the ones offended at the comparison.

In fact, if anyone should be offended at being compared to politicians and media celebrities, it’s dogs.

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To finish off, Huckabee declares that Trump should have hired a dog instead and that a dog would have done a better job, with a reference to “bit[ing] the hand that feeds” that appears to suggest Omarosa shouldn’t have spoken out against Trump after being employed by him.

Trump would have been much better off giving that White House job to an actual dog than to Omarosa. The dog would have been hard-working, fiercely loyal for life and never bitten the hand that feeds it.

It also probably would have done a better job.

Of course, there is an additional dose of irony in Huckabee’s suggestion that Trump should hire a dog. The president notoriously does not like dogs. He is the first president since 1901 to not have a pet dog in the White House, according to Newsweek. What’s more, that loyalty might not be as certain as the former Arkansas governor would imply — according to Ivana Trump, dogs don’t like Donald Trump any more than he likes them.

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