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Howard Stern: ‘Pro-Life’ Trump Probably Financed A Few Abortions

Howard Stern: ‘Pro-Life’ Trump Probably Financed A Few Abortions

The current incarnation of the Republican Party, even under Donald Trump, is fiercely anti-choice. However, shock jock Howard Stern, who has had a longtime show on SiriuxXM, says that Donald Trump’s ‘pro-life’ stance is not real at all.

Stern appeared on CBS News with George Stephanopoulos and told the host his suspicions of Trump’s dealings with women on the abortion issue. He says of Trump being anti-choice now:

“I don’t believe his stance on abortion, for example. The Donald I know I think he’d probably get a few people abortions. I don’t know what he’s doing. The stance, the women don’t have a right to choose what — you don’t have to get an abortion. But if you want the right — I remember the days of women in the back alleys with coat hangers, that’s not acceptable and you know who used to be able to get an abortion? Rich people. They could get them. And so, you know, let’s face it, it is really unthinkable to me about what’s going on in the country right now.”

Trump was on the record of being pro-choice in the past, so this is no surprise. However, he went from that stance to calling for prison for women who have abortions in the presidential primaries and saying women execute newborns.

Also, Trump has been accused of multiple instances of sexual assault. Further, he is known to have paid off a porn star for an affair. In fact, in the infamous Access Hollywood tape, Trump admitted to attempting to seduce a married woman right after his third wife Melania gave birth to their son, Barron.

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Therefore, Stern’s statements are certainly plausible. It is likely that it will make no difference to his core supporters, but it is all certainly great fodder.

Watch the  Howard Stern interview below:

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