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Howard Stern: If Trump Tries to Start a News Network He’ll Fail Miserably

Howard Stern: If Trump Tries to Start a News Network He’ll Fail Miserably

Howard Stern knows a thing or two about the news as he has long been dubbed the King of All Media. In 2004, he moved to Sirius Satellite Radio from a terrestrial station and now makes an estimated $80 million each year.

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Stern also knows a thing or two about Donald Trump. The two men were long-time friends and Stern attended Trump’s wedding to Melania Knauss in .

But the two men have fell out over Trump’s actions as president and Stern is a frequent critic. And the radio host doesn’t have high hopes for Trump’s rumored news network. In fact, Stern predicts that the venture would fail within a year.

The bombastic media figure made the comments during his Monday show. “[If] he thinks running the country is hard, wait ’til he has to run a news network. That’ll fail inside of a year, like all the other businesses. This is just insanity what’s going on.”

Stern then had another piece of advice for the current president. “For once do something good for the country, calm down your f*cking loony hillbilly friends, and tell them you lost the election and you’re going to help the transition,” he continued. “These loonies who follow you are all worked up; they think something was taken from them.”

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This isn’t the first time Stern talked about Trump’s contempt for his followers. In May, the radio host said, “The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most. The people who are voting for Trump, for the most part … He wouldn’t even let them in a f*cking hotel. He’d be disgusted by them. Go to Mar-a-Lago, see if there’s any people who look like you. I’m talking to you in the audience.”


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