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Howard Stern Goes Nuclear on Republicans Who Praise ‘F*cking Animal’ Putin [LISTEN]

Howard Stern Goes Nuclear on Republicans Who Praise ‘F*cking Animal’ Putin [LISTEN]

The Republican party of today largely ignores the things that were important to the GOP in the past. Now, Conservatives largely take their cue from whatever Donald Trump says. And since the former President is supportive of Vladimir Putin, so are many Republicans. During his Monday show, Howard Stern ripped into those GOP lawmakers who praise the Russian leader.

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The Sirius/XM host told listeners:

“I voted for many Republicans. I don’t see how I’ll ever get back to that. They’ve just totally disappointed me and their support of Vladimir Putin, the praise they heap on him. Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin. This guy’s a fucking animal. I wish he was dead, like I wish Hitler was dead.”

Stern continued his attack on Putin, saying, “this scumbag, who had more money than anyone. Who has more power than anybody. Who enslaves an entire country. Who will kill you if you’re a journalist. Will kill you if you speak out against him. Who’s got everything a man could want if you’re truly a megalomaniac. And he didn’t have enough.”

Listen to a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Sirius/XM:

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