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Howard Dean: Tucker Carlson is a Nitwit and a Racist

Howard Dean: Tucker Carlson is a Nitwit and a Racist

Former Vermont Governor, Howard Dean, was thought of at one point as the Democrat’s best hope to defeat George W. Bush. The 2004 Democratic nomination, though, went to John Kerry. Dean has continued to work with the party though, acting as the DNC Chair from 2005-2009.

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Today, Dean works as a political analyst and frequently appears on cable news shows. During a segment on Ari Melber’s MSNBC show, the former governor referred to Tucker Carlson as a nitwit and a racist.

Dean had taken issue with Carlson’s recent comments on departing White House National Security Adviser John Bolton.
The Fox News host had referred to Bolton as a “man of the left.”

When asked about the comments by Melber, Dean responded, “First of all, I wouldn’t comment on Tucker Carlson, he’s a nitwit, and a racist. Second of all, I know Bolton well, because I have done some work with him on an Iranian matter. Bolton is a hard liner, he feels strongly that we should, in fact, attack Iran. I actually kind of personally like him even though I don’t support his views on things.”

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Dean then ripped the President. Bolton is smart. You may not like him, and you may think his views are awful,” said the pundit. “But he is a smart guy, and he knows what he’s talking about. Trump doesn’t. Trump is always threatened by people who know what they’re talking about. Now, I’m not sorry John is gone, because I didn’t want to go to war with Iran and I know that John believes we ought to dispose of that regime by force. But, you know, he’s going to say something.”

Carlson was seemingly unperturbed by the comments. He told Mediaite, “I’m not going to attack Howard Dean. He’s old and sad and looking for attention. It’s depressing to watch.”

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