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Howard Dean Says ‘Trump is Going to Wreck the Whole Party’ And Might Be ‘Psychotic’

Howard Dean Says ‘Trump is Going to Wreck the Whole Party’ And Might Be ‘Psychotic’

Former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean believes the Trump administration is on the verge of destroying the Republican Party.

“Republicans have to panic as the Republicans did during Watergate,” Dean said during his Friday appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat.”

While Republican supporters are likely to scoff at comments made by a respected member of the Democratic party, Dean’s comments focus largely around the idea that losing control of Congress could lead to action from the GOP.

“The leadership has to realize Trump is going to wreck the whole party, which he is in the middle of doing,” Dean said.

“They have to cut the legs out from under him. That’s probably not going to happen unless they lose the House and Senate. I think there’s a reasonable possibility they will lose the House and the Senate.”

Dean, like other members of the Democratic Party, believes Trump is unfit to serve.

Here’s what Dean has to say about Trump’s actions:

“I think they are pretty much wholly unprepared to do anything. Trump is a guy who just thinks in the moment. He has no plan. I actually thought the other day when he was making all those really crazy tweets he might be getting psychotic.”

So I don’t think there’s any long-term planning. I think the staff tries to engage in long-term planning but you’ve got these neo-Nazi types like Stephen Miller running around. He has an agenda, not the end good of America, but he sucks Trump in every time.

There’s an incredibly short-sighted group of people. The ones that have a long-term vision can’t get anything done because Trump is unmanageable.”

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Here’s the full segment:

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