Howard Dean Says Biden Could Beat Trump in a Pushup Contest

For the last couple of years, Republicans have attacked Joe Biden and his advanced age. The President, of course, is like any other man in his 80s. He'll make the occasional gaffe, but appears to be more than up to the task of leading the free world. 

Those same Republicans ignore the fact that Donald Trump is getting more addled by the day. The former President is nowhere near as with it as Biden, but Trump frequently claims that he is healthy and vigorous. 

Howard Dean, the former Governor of Vermont and chair of the DNC, visited Ari Melber to discuss the differences between the candidates. 

Dean told Melber, "Haley’s hope has to be that she can present herself well as an alternative to Trump so at the convention accept her should Trump have a health problem, which he certainly as likely as Biden to have if not more, I mean — I’ll bet you anything that Joe Biden could beat the daylights out of Trump in a push-up contest, for example, and Trump knows it too. Although if it was a cheeseburger eating contest, it might turn out differently."

The former DNC chair also noted that Trump will not be dropping out of the race, saying, "He’s in it for the long run because he has to be for his psychological impairment."