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How the Chronically Ill Keep Performing Under Pressure

How the Chronically Ill Keep Performing Under Pressure

Take a look at any government across the world, and you’ll find that the average age of a politician falls firmly in the bracket of senior citizens. These people happen to be at risk of a number of different diseases, and many do, in fact, suffer from chronic illness while serving in office. This article is about how they do it, using advancements in healthcare and treatment as well as making lifestyle choices that enable them to perform at a high level in spite of their illness. 

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Let’s first take a look at the lifestyles that politicians and other eminent people tend to lead. They’re often rushed off their feet, with little leisure time and little time to exercise and eat healthily. In order to counterbalance this lifestyle factor, you’ll find that plenty of politicians ensure they’re eating well by hiring the services of a personal chef or by ordering food that’s healthy and provides energy for the day ahead. 

As well as making positive dietary choices, senior officials also shrug off the bad habits that they might have carried into their adulthood, such as smoking and drinking to excess. They’ll find the time to cycle to the office or to exercise after work in order to keep fit. All of this will be done in conjunction with a doctor’s lifestyle advice, which is often different depending on the chronic illness suffered by an individual. 


Even when you’re making all the right lifestyle choices, there can be flare-ups in your chronic condition that lead you to be bed-bound, hospitalized, or low on energy for a sustained period of time. You’ll know from experience that the sooner you catch these developing flare-ups, the better you’ll be able to counter them and remain active and productive. That’s certainly the case for those in high-pressure roles. 

There are dozens of important innovations to mention in this space, including the blood pressure cuff that’s designed to sit comfortably on the wrist while taking important data that’s relevant to those with heart concerns as well as diabetes. Of course, the political arena is one in which blood pressure can rise for reasons of its own, but being able to track blood pressure through the day, the week, and even the year is a huge win for those who have long sundered from chronic illness. 

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Medical Care

Finally, it’s important to note that the key to maintaining an active and productive lifestyle when you have a chronic illness is always medical care. If you have a strong medical team behind you offering sound advice on how to manage your health, you’ll be best placed to keep fighting your illness and thrive in whatever role you’ve taken up in life. 

Politicians and other senior service people are likely to make several visits to the doctor each year and to have easy access to the best medical care in the country. This, on top of tracking and lifestyle initiatives, helps those in high-pressure jobs perform even if they have a chronic illness. 

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