How One Sarcastic Super Bowl Tweet About Mueller Made Conservatives So Angry

If you follow me on Twitter than you know I’m almost obsessively tweeting about the Trump/Russia probe, Trump’s unrelenting attacks on what I believe are our Constitutional norms, and politics in general.

Usually these tweets are a mixture of fact, fact checking, opinion, predictions and attempts at sarcastic humor. And of course they all get their fair share of criticism, shouts of “FAKE NEWS!” and attacks directed at me personally. A tweet I made yesterday during a rather uneventful Super Bowl LIII, had to take the cake for getting under the skins of those within the conservative media.

The tweet read.

While the tweet was true to some extent (I didn’t actually care who won the game), I wasn’t actually yelling out at the party I was at “Go Robert Mueller”. With that said, I may have  been chanting it to myself (Note to conservative media: This is also sarcasm).

Within minutes of the tweet, conservative political commentator, and frequent Fox News guest, Ben Shapiro, attacked me for being in a “padded cell”.

Clearly it struck a nerve with the man who once tweeted the following:

That was only the beginning though. Shortly after Shapiro’s attack, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, and current Fox News Contributor, Sebastian Gorka, who unironically blocked me on Twitter months ago, liked Shapiro’s attack on me so much that he retweeted it himself.

Next it was Benny Johnson’s turn. Johnson is a journalist for Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller, and decided that my tweet must indicate that I’m a 28-year-old virgin living in my parents basement. When I corrected Mr. Johnson, he turned his attack towards my family as you can see below:

Conservative Youtube personally, Mark Dice also decided to get in on the action, calling me the “loser of the night”.

Sprinkled about the replies to these various tweets were all sorts of crazy responses from “We love the Krassensteins” to even a Twitter chant of  “Lock Him Up,” referring to me. Regardless, if conservatives are going to get this agitated over a sarcastic tweet mocking the Super Bowl, then I hate to see what happens should Don Jr. get indicted.

I think the lesson here is simply, LIGHTEN UP! If you are really getting pissed off about a rather lame attempt at sarcasm on social media, at a time when our democracy really may be in peril, I think you, Benny Johnson, and you, Mr. Shapiro, need to ‘sit back & enjoy life’ a little bit more.

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