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How Often Does Trump Promote His Own Brand? Once Every Five Days, Report Says

How Often Does Trump Promote His Own Brand? Once Every Five Days, Report Says

President Donald Trump promised to separate his work as president from his business entities, in spite of the fact that he did not place his assets into a trust before assuming office, as others before him had done.

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Now, a report from a government ethics group purports that Trump is not only failing to keep a proper distance from his assets, but is also actively promoting them while in office.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released a report this week that alleged Trump has promoted his businesses and brands in at least 217 public statements since assuming the presidency. Since he’s been in office for just over 1,000 days, it amounts to the president making a statement promoting his businesses once every 4.66 days, Newsweek reported.

It’s not an issue of Trump having a learning curve on the subject, either — indeed, the president has promoted more often as time has gone by since taking his first steps into the White House as chief executive.

In 2017, Trump promoted his brands about 59 times, by CREW’s count. In 2019 so far, he’s promoted Trump Organization entities about 159 times. If Trump keeps this pace up, it could result in him promoting his brands close to 192 times (or more) by the end of the year.

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CREW has also noted that Trump spends a lot of time at his own properties at the taxpayers’ expense. Doing so, the group alleges, establishes Trump Organization properties “as centers of political power.”

The ethics organization noted that hundreds of officials from dozens of countries around the world have stayed at a Trump property since he became president. Their stays at those places “[raise] the question of how much foreign money has been spent at Trump’s properties,” CREW’s report stated.

“It often seems as if all of Trump’s thinking traces back to his businesses,” the report added. “He frequently reaches for a reference to one at unexpected times,” including making mention of his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland when asked a question about Brexit, as one example.

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