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How I Became An Animated Anti-Trump Character on Twitter

How I Became An Animated Anti-Trump Character on Twitter

I remember the day clearly. I guess you might say it was the day I became “woke.” It was January 20th, 2018. My wife and I decided to go to the Women’s March being held the next day at Sam Boyd Stadium, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. We were eager to show our support for the many issues being highlighted that day. We, like millions of others, were angry at Donald Trump. Before we headed out, though, we needed to make a protest sign.

I honestly don’t remember when, why, or how…but after scrapping dozens of ideas and saying “Fu*k Trump” about 100 or more times… we made the sign. Our goal was to get this sign on the Jumbotron! We saw thousands of signs… so wonderfully creative and marvelously done! We looked at each other and smiled. I winked at her and said, “Tuck Frump! At least we are here!” During one of the keynote addresses, we heard a big roar from the crowd. We were amazed to see that it was OUR sign being displayed, and that roar was for US! My wife and I looked at each other, smiled, and laughed. That was the moment Tuck Frump became a reality in our minds.

Here’s the sign we made:

We left the stadium filled with many emotions. We now believed the Resistance was “real” and there was indeed a sincere hope for change in the air. The night was spent recalling our day, thinking of ways to make a difference. We talked about Trump, especially his constant use of this “Tweeting thing.” I’d heard about Twitter. I even had an account, but I hadn’t touched it in years. “Tomorrow,” I said,” I think I’m going to find out more about Twitter.” I think we had been drinking…  Yeah, I think we’d been drinking. We went to sleep feeling great.

I woke up the following morning, not feeling so” great,” and logged into Twitter. I never really understood the social network. I tried to tweet many years before and I found it to be confusing and pointless. I saw absolutely no potential in using the platform at all. For me, Twitter was a social experiment I quickly labeled as “doomed.” Twitter, in my mind, was just enjoying its 15 minutes of fame due to Trump. But I HAD TO TRY IT! I started looking for a name I could use. Like a” vanity plate” for my car, I knew I had to have something that set me apart. I did not have to look far. The sign was still on the dining room table. #TuckFrump! It just seemed like a natural fit that was easy, but THAT was only step one as I soon learned @realTuckFrump was taken. That account always has been and still is, quite an intriguing handle that that was following only 11 Twitter accounts, with zero followers, and was started the same time The Donald was inaugurated. This still leads me to believe either the Manic Mango himself, or someone very close, made sure no one, BUT NO ONE, would mock the President’s handle…. THEN, @realTuckFrumper came to mind! AND AVAILABLE. It was MINE! The Real Tuck Frumper and #TuckFrump! It seemed like the perfect storm! So perfect, I pretty much forgot about it… until May.

Instead of tweeting I just lurked while other people Tweeted, and I watched them with delight. I had no idea Twitter had exploded into a free for all of thoughts! Character limits had just been doubled to 280 (again, thank you Donald Trump), and Twitter was finally about to turn its first profit.

People were CREATING really good messages! So, I slowly started following a few people I found interesting, and before I knew it, I had clicked on over 1,000 famous politicians, celebrities and
journalists. Of course, THEY would soon find me interesting enough that  I would quickly have thousands of followers myself, and my name was destined screens and phones all over the country.

After totally bombing at two solid weeks of tweeting, I slowly began to realize I was “Tweeting” into the wind. No one seemed to care what I wrote, so why bother? With approximately 50 followers, I decided it was time to get serious. I started browsing the internet for everything I could read about Twitter, and how to accumulate an audience. I never thought Tuck was actually a persona of sorts… until I saw Aunt Crabby, Tea Pain, Luna Lovegood, McSpocky, and so many others. Accidents happen, but THIS was no accident. I found out, by doing research Tuck COULD be MY CHARACTER…and voila’, here I am!

Over the next weeks and months ahead, things started to happen. My fifth ever follower was Molly Jong Fast. I admired her Tweets from my very first day on the platform. Her Tweets hit home and were always a riot. How she ever followed me is still a complete mystery, but I bring it up here because it reminds me of how MUCH this entire experience has meant to me. I knew Molly was the daughter of the very famous author Erica Jong from the day Molly followed me, but I did not want her to know that I knew. I liked Molly for Molly, and not because of her mother, so when she “unfollowed” me one day, I had my first” moment of truth.” I reached out and “begged” shamelessly for her to follow me again. I HAD to throw out the “but your Mom!” card. She replied and re-followed! I decided then and there: ALL IN!

I began reading and commenting on as many Tweets as I could. I focused on finding engaging content. Pictures, memes, and videos… Oh my! Little by little, the followers began coming. Doctors, lawyers, educators, and even some Hollywood stars! I’ve collected some very cool screenshots over the past few months, and while I am not here to brag about success, I do want you to know with some hard work, and a little bit of chutzpah, almost anything is possible when done right on Twitter.

Whenever I found someone I considered of note, I made sure to follow them. I began to engage little by little, and then came Jon Cooper, Scott Dworkin, and the Democratic Coalition. I had finally earned a place with the Resistance. I began “meeting” other Resistance figures. Nick Knudsen, from DemWritePress, and Ryan Knight, a prominent gay rights activist also began following. The snowball was rolling. I’d retweet them and vice versa. Whenever issues of common interest came up, I would DM the tweet and hope they would answer. And they did. Today… I am fortunate enough to be able to correspond with some wonderful people. We are all very busy, and we always respect each other’s time. But together we provide amplification, and THIS is the best way to succeed. Find like-minded people that share your vision, and SPREAD THE BEST words!

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For the past ten months, Tuck has averaged 5,000 new supporters every month. I am privileged to have written Tweets in response to, and at the urging of candidates, campaigns, and even some Super Pacs.

James Kosur, is the Editor in Chief of this publication. I don’t really remember when I first ran across Hillreporter.com, but I did know that James was affiliated, and I found the site intriguing. I started writing jokes that went with their stories, and soon the supporters came. James and I corresponded by email, and he invited me to begin submitting my work while we looked for a fit. I started writing political jokes, and I have never looked back. I seem to, for now, have found my “fit.”

The one thing I know is Tuck seems to be working BECAUSE I too am working. I wake at 4:30 almost every morning, and I read all that I can. I get emails and DM’s from all over the world. I have seen almost every Twitter scam and all of the bots. I have seen trolls, both good, bad, and some that are truly PURE EVIL. Twitter is an amazing platform. In an age of almost instant communication, we are entering into a new era of political discourse. Like it or not, the man in the White House has indeed generated discourse, and it’s almost always hostile.

Hostility need not be so obvious. In fact, I also appear to be hostile, but nonetheless. I always try to be humorous. I poke the bear, but I don’t plan to kill it (Don Jr. might not be so kind)! There is so much to make fun of and laugh at these days, and Twitter is certainly an avenue of choice for comedians and humorists everywhere. I am proud of what I do on Twitter. It was supposed to be a joke (and in many ways it still is), but Tuck has given more than just ME a voice. Tuck tries to be the voice of others… certainly not for all, but a voice that clearly resonates to some. Twitter is attracting the greatest minds on the face of the planet, and WE are ALL VERY ANIMATED NOW here on Twitter!

Tuck Frump’s Real Life Bio: Tuck is a retired business executive, turned teacher. Tuck is a veteran of the US Navy where he was an air traffic controller. In his early years, Tuck was a standup comedian, and has performed in many major LA comedy clubs, always performing as an amateur on “open mic” night. (yeah…he sucked bigly!)

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