“How Dumb Can You Be?” Florida Seniors Wary of Pence Visit & Another Trump Term

The Trump campaign considers Florida so important to his reelection strategy that it’s dispatching Vice President Mike Pence to The Villages retirement community on Saturday to stump for votes. Donald Trump, who most likely will still be coronavirus-contagious at the time, plans to campaign in person on Monday in nearby Sanford, Fla.

The only problem is that many of the Sunshine State’s senior voters don’t want them there because of what they see as the Trump administration’s poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kay Marino of the Village of Silver Lake isn’t holding back. She told the community’s online news outlet Villages-News.com that Pence’s Saturday visit is a “dumb idea.”

“Just because he tests negative doesn’t mean he can’t pass the virus around to other people. He has been exposed with many other people in the White House. People better smarten up to this virus. How dumb can you be?” Marino said. The Pence appearance will be held outdoors in a parking lot.

In another sign that Trump could be in trouble with Florida seniors, this past Wednesday hundreds of residents of The Villages formed a caravan of golf carts that drove to the Sumter County Elections office to cast their ballots during early voting.

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

As The Associated Press reported: “An armada of as many as 500 golf carts gathered at the Sea Breeze Recreation Center to caravan to the nearby elections office, so folks could drop off ballots for Biden.

“As each cart rolled into the parking lot and slid a ballot into a locked box under the watchful eye of elections supervisors, dozens lined the sidewalk, cheering and clapping every time a vote was cast.”

Chris Stanley, president of the community’s Democratic Club, said that there was an overwhelming sense in 2016 that Hillary Clinton would win. “There was a level of complacency that she’d win,” said Stanley. “Now there’s a heightened sense of urgency, and in many ways, Trump has been our best recruiting tool ever.”

Throughout Florida almost 730,000 residents have been infected since late February and more than 15,000 have died.

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