“How Dare You Say Black People Don’t Understand Family?” Rep. Stacey Plaskett Fires Back After Racist Attack By GOP Rep

After a Republican Representative attacked Black Lives Matter as being “a group that doesn’t like the old-fashioned family,” Representative Stacey Plaskett fired back.

"How dare you say Black people don't care about family?" Stacey Plaskett demands.
[Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images]

In the clips below, you can see Glenn Grothman (R-WI) use COVID-19 relief as an excuse to attack Black families and the Black Lives Matter movement. Bringing the efforts to racial justice up out of nowhere, Grothman tries to blame them for the ‘marriage penalty’ — a term for increased tax burden for married couples.

[The American Rescue Plan] has a marriage penalty in it,” he declares. “I know the strength that Black Lives Matter had in this last election. I know it’s a group that doesn’t like the old-fashioned family.”

In her turn, Rep. Plaskett responds firmly.

“How dare you say that Black Lives Matter, that Black people don’t understand old-fashioned families?” she demanded. Referring to centuries of slavery, Civil Rights battles, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and ongoing systemic oppression in the U.S., she said, “We have been able to keep our families alive for over 400 years, through the assault on our families to not have Black lives, or not have Black families. How dare you say we are not interested in families in the Black community?”

Grothman did not make any direct connections between BLM and the current legislation, although increased mobilization of POC to vote in this election, and efforts by Stacy Abrams in Georgia in particular, have been credited for shifting the balance of power sufficiently to allow it to happen.

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