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House Select Committee Verifies Communications Between Ivanka and Donald Trump During Capitol Siege [VIDEO]

House Select Committee Verifies Communications Between Ivanka and Donald Trump During Capitol Siege [VIDEO]

Members of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol insurrection said on Sunday that they have “critical testimony” about communications between Donald Trump and others, including his daughter Ivanka Trump, on the day of the deadly attack.

Committee Vice Chair Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) told ABC News that the panel has “firsthand testimony” that during the attack, Trump’s daughter and then-senior adviser Ivanka asked him to intervene. Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, told CNN the panel has “significant testimony” that the White House “had been told to do something.”

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“We have firsthand testimony that his daughter Ivanka went in at least twice to ask him to ‘please stop this violence,'” Rep. Cheney told ABC News.

Some of these interactions were described in the books “I Alone Can Fix It,” by Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, and “Peril,” by Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Ivanka Trump repeatedly tried to intervene, talking to her father three times. “Let this thing go,” she told him. “Let it go,” she said, according to “Peril.”

Rep. Thompson told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” Sunday: “We have significant testimony that leads us to believe that the White House had been told to do something. We want to verify all of it so that when we produce our report and when we have the hearings, the public will have an opportunity to see for themselves.” He added, “The only thing I can say, it’s highly unusual for anyone in charge of anything to watch what’s going on and do nothing.”

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The chairman said on Sunday that the panel has “some concerns” about potential financial fraud by Trump and his allies around the insurrection. “It’s highly concerning on our part that people raise money for one activity and we can’t find the money being spent for that particular activity,” he said. “So we’ll continue to look at it and the financing is one of those things we will continue to look at very closely.
He also wouldn’t say if the panel is planning to subpoena members of Congress, such as Trump ally Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, to cooperate with the committee. “I would hope that those individuals who took an oath of office as a member of Congress would come forward,” he said. “That’s why we’ve asked them to come voluntarily.”

Watch Rep. Thompson during his Sunday appearance on MSNBC, below.



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