House Republicans Invite Britney Spears to Testify About Conservatorship

Back in March, Congressmen Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) petitioned House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to address previous complaints made by the American Civil Liberties Union that court-ordered conservatorships deprive certain Americans of their constitutional rights.

Photo: Simona Granati – Corbis/Corbis/Getty Images

Pop music superstar Britney Spears has been fighting for her freedom from the prison of the court-ordered conservatorship that has been in place with her father Jaime since 2008. It has controlled every aspect of her life from her finances to her performance schedule to her ability to get married. Spears has recently opened up about her harrowing experience and is fighting in court to have the conservatorship dissolved.

On Wednesday, Gaetz – along with Republican Representatives Andy Biggs (AZ), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), and Burgess Owens (OH) – sent Spears a letter inviting her to testify before Congress.

“You have been mistreated by America’s legal system. We want to help. The United States Congress should hear your story and be inspired to bipartisan action. What happened to you should never happen to any other American. Congress can make things better and you can inform our policy decisions. If you will speak to Congress, we are ready to listen. We have been following your conservatorship battle with deep concern. We could see the struggle and torment you were enduring. We could see the obvious financial, emotional, and psychological abuse at the hands of your conservators,” the lawmakers wrote to Spears.

“Your life, liberty, and happiness have been taken from you. Please take advantage of the empowerment that public congressional testimony can unlock,” they said, adding that she has the right to determine her own destiny, of which she has been deprived since the conservatorship took effect more than a decade ago.

“You owe nothing to anyone; you deserve to live a life of freedom and to choose your own path,” they continued. “Your life story and tremendous performing talent has [sic] continued to inspire people all over the world. We stand ready for your reply. We hope that you will express interest in sharing your story. We stand with you, Britney – whatever you decide.”

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