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House Republican Promotes Racist ‘Replacement Theory’ on Fox News

House Republican Promotes Racist ‘Replacement Theory’ on Fox News

A growing number of Republican lawmakers and right-wing propagandists of late have been promoting “Replacement Theory,” which is a conspiracy that they claim is being perpetrated by the American political left to eliminate white people from the United States. On Friday, GOP Congressman Brian Babin of Texas appeared on Fox and Friends and claimed that the Democratic Party is “trying to change the America of what we know” by treating immigrants and refugees with humanity.

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Host Steve Doocy teed up Babin’s racist rant while co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade blankly stared into the camera.

“The Republicans want our southern border stronger and the Democrats don’t want anybody deported so if they give a number it’s like, ‘oh, look what [President] Joe Biden’s doing.’ He can’t win either way and ultimately what’s going on, *we* can’t win either way,” Doocy said.

“Well Steve, we know what the grand strategy of the Democrat Party is. They want to change America – hope and change, it started under [former President Barack] Obama – and now it’s really going at just racehorse speed. And uh, they want to change America. They want to replace the American electorate with third-world immigrants that are coming in illegally, many of them COVID-positive,” Babin said, adding that migrants are also riddled with “drug-resistant tuberculosis.”

Babin insisted that because he is a “health care provider,” he has determined that the influx of refugees from Central and Southern America is a “disaster down there from a public health standpoint.”

Babin, a dentist, is not a public health expert. He said nothing about the deadly anti-vaccination movement that has been spearheaded by his party, nor did he offer evidence to support his remarks about COVID-19 and tuberculosis running rampant among immigrants (every person looking to enter the United States is screened for illness and is subject to a background check). Instead, he accused Democrats of wanting to rig elections by accepting refugees into the country, many of whom are seeking asylum.

Non-citizens cannot vote, and also keep in mind that it is the Republicans who are working tirelessly to disenfranchise voters of color and dismantle democracy at every turn.

“They want to change the electorate and put these people on a path to citizenship and franchise them with the vote and have a permanent majority. On every phase, we can see every aspect the Democrats are trying to change America from what we know, what we love, and what we have enjoyed for 244 years and it’s despicable,” Babin said.

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