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House Republican Fined For Skipping Security — After Calling It A Lie By Reporter

House Republican Fined For Skipping Security — After Calling It A Lie By Reporter

Virginia Foxx (R-NC) said that a reporter who witnessed her bypassing new House security measures was spreading false information. Now, she’s been fined for it, after Capitol Police reported the same thing.

[Photo By Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Back in January, immediately after new security protocols were implemented due to the Capitol breach, reporter Matt Fuller documented several Republican members of Congress dodging security, failing to go through metal detectors, and otherwise ignoring protocols. One of these, Virginia Foxx, denied it, saying that media shouldn’t run stories based on tweets from reporters (despite said reporter being on the scene as a witness) and decrying it as sensationalism.

Fuller responded, reiterating what he had seen, and addressing the implication that he had lied.

Government work moves slowly, but now, four months later, Fuller has his vindication — Foxx has been fined, after Capitol Police reported the same thing that he did. A copy of the letter from the U.S. Capitol Police is below, and the original can be found here, as PDF, at the official site of the House Ethics Committee.

[Screenshot via House Ethics Committee]

The letter describes Foxx setting off the magnetometer, then hurrying away to vote without stopping to complete screening, returning to the screening area after her vote, where she’s reported to have said something appreciative about officers failing to stop her. An “unknown reporter” is mentioned, and quoted as letting police know he’d be covering the story.

A May 18th Press Release from the House Ethics Committee confirms the fine, and reiterates that Foxx has the opportunity to appeal this.

Foxx has not publicly addressed that this corroborates reports she previously called false.

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