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House Republican Calls POTUS a Communist for Mandating Testing, Vaccines for Federal Workers

House Republican Calls POTUS a Communist for Mandating Testing, Vaccines for Federal Workers

Freshman Republican United States Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida – who voted to overturn the 2020 election – accused President Joe Biden of being a Communist on Tuesday after Biden announced that all federal workers must either get inoculated against COVID-19 or commit themselves to frequent testing for the virus.

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Donalds’s incensed remarks were posted to Twitter by Forbes correspondent Andrew Solender.

“Chairman Joe Biden has gone full communist as his Administration plans on forcing federal employees to get vaccinated against their will. I never thought I would live to see the day when the so-called leader of the Free World would put political power over personal freedom in this latest anti-American and tyrannical infringement of government power,” Donalds said. “The government should never be in the business of coercing the citizenry into making medical decisions but rather provide all necessary information for the people to make sound decisions for themselves and their families.”


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The glaring problem here is that the Biden Administration – as well as the entire American medical community – has given the public the “necessary information” on the benefits of getting vaccinated, including but not limited to the fact that while vaccines are imperfect, they will prevent COVID-19 from killing you.

But the right-wing propaganda apparatus is so hellbent on sticking to lies, superstition, and a desire to sabotage Biden’s presidency that they only have nonsensical buzzwords to toss around as red meat to their base, which is still loyal to former President Donald Trump. And with the Delta variant ripping through the unvaccinated population, Trump’s chumps have demonstrated that they are willing to sacrifice lives to prove their point.

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