House GOP Wants Biden Investigated for Using Amtrak During Campaign

Less than two weeks before Election Day, a struggling Republican Party is trying anything they can to create the appearance of weakness in the Biden Campaign. They’ve been trying everything to manufacture an October surprise, using Joe Biden’s surviving son, Hunter, as a political talking point, while continuing to push their Supreme Court nominee through after early voting has already begun. And Donald Trump called into Fox News to demand Attorney General William Barr open an investigation into Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, for “the biggest political crimes this country has ever seen” without actually speaking to what any of those crimes may be.

Now four Congressional Republicans have decided it’s the perfect time to investigate Amtrak, Joe Biden’s lifelong preferred method of transit. In a letter to Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn, they question whether Biden “redirected Amtrak’s scarce resources” during the month of September, suggesting it interfered with freight-train operation.

The letter was signed by Rick Crawford of Arkansas, ranking member of the Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials, as well as Bob Gibbs of Ohio and Scott Perry and Lloyd Smucker of Pennsylvania. All four voted against the two pandemic relief bills passed by the House, one in May and one in October, that would have provided $2.4 billion in Amtrak funding. Smucker recently introduced legislation that would require Amtrak to turn over its Philadelphia-Harrisburg Keystone Line to the state of Pennsylvania.

The Congressmen, who had no problem with Donald Trump using Marine One as his personal air ambulance, state they expect details on what the train cost Amtrak to operate and what the Biden campaign paid Amtrak for the operation on November 2nd, the day before Election Day.

The Biden Campaign responded with their usual tactic: the truth.

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