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House Dems Will Ban GOP Reps from Meetings if They Won’t Wear Masks

House Dems Will Ban GOP Reps from Meetings if They Won’t Wear Masks

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of Republican lawmakers have refused to wear masks. This hasn’t changed now that cases are mostly flat in blue states and surging in red states.

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Jim Clyburn (D-SC) said that he was unhappy with Republicans who chose not to wear a mask to Friday’s House meeting on the Coronavirus. Over the weekend, Clyburn penned a letter noting that lawmakers will no longer be invited to the events without face coverings.

The South Carolina Representative addressed the letter to Ranking Republican Member Steve Scalise. Scalise was among a number of GOP Reps who have chosen not to wear a mask.

“Going forward, as long as the Attending Physician’s requirement to wear masks is in place, I will not permit any Member of this Subcommittee to participate in-person in any Committee meeting or hearing unless the Member is wearing a mask and strictly adheres to the Attending Physician’s guidance,” wrote Clyburn.

Clyburn continued, “We’re not going to have another meeting in a confined space if we’re not going to abide by this. I will stay in the safety of my home as I would ask all you to do.”

Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland was stronger in his condemnation for those who refuse to protect others. He asked those of the floor on Friday, “Why is it some kind of macho thing, like ‘if I don’t wear a mask, I’m tough?’ If you want to be tough, go spend the day with the nurses and doctors in the hospitals.”

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