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House Dems May Immediately Subpoena for Mueller Report Redactions

House Dems May Immediately Subpoena for Mueller Report Redactions

As the United States Attorney General, William Barr was the only person to receive the full Mueller Report. Barr will be sharing the report with congress, but only after he redacts certain segments.

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Democrats have claimed that they are only interested in the full report free of redactions. On Tuesday night, they announced that they would subpoena the redactions if Barr includes them in his presentation to congress.

The subpoena could come almost immediately after the report is submitted. According to the Washington Post, “The House Judiciary Committee is expected to subpoena the Justice Department for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s complete report as soon as Friday.”

Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a senior member of the committee confirmed that the Democrats want to get their hands on the information. “Obviously,” Raskin said, “We will use the subpoena power to the full extent of the law.”

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The idea of allowing the Trump administration to redact information has been heavily criticized. Nate Ackerman, a former Watergate prosecutor, said, “There’s absolutely no excuse for this. They’re trying to hide it because they know that this summary that Barr released in this four-page letter was just a part of a flimsy excuse to give Trump cover to go argue that he’s been exonerated.”

The Democrats will not likely stop their quest for more information on Mueller’s investigation after Thursday’s release. The Judiciary Committee may also look to subpoena people who were interviewed in the probe such as Don McGahn and Hope Hicks.

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